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INGology - Science to Enhance Your INGs

INGology brings the power of science to enhancing your INGs.  Partying, dancing, romancing - grown-up lifestyles have INGs.  INGology makes them all better.

Detoxify has an exclusive distribution relationship with B&B Beauty Products out of Indianapolis to bring the INGology products to you.  Products you need, from a source you can trust.

INGology novelty products are a convenient offering from Detoxify's one stop shop.

Below are product images, descriptions, and downloadable fact sheets.  Click here to download a spec sheet for all of Detoxify's products.  Email your rep or call 800.688.4044 for pricing.

Golden Shower Enhancer

Golden is the pre-mixed, unisex, synthetic urine designed to provide a little extra when the real thing isn't an option.

Download the Golden fact sheet for details.

Stripper Total Hair Cleansing System

Stripper is the 2-part follicle cleansing system designed to provide deep cleansing of the toxins and impurities that build up in the hair.

Download the Stripper fact sheet for more information.

S.O.S. Oral Cleansing Concentrate

S.O.S has been scientifically engineered to safely provide clinical strength cleansing of oral toxins and impurities. 

Download the S.O.S. fact sheet for even more information.

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